EGGS!!! Would you like it this way?

Turkish eggs !! Overloaded happiness

I didn't quite like the fact of being the youngest sister in the latest generation from my maternal side. You never get to participate in any of the cousin bonding sessions when a dozen of your big brothers dominate on the carrom board, play a game of cricket happily neglecting their younger counterparts or experimenting with their first puff in early adolescence. It was only when they wanted some messages to be transmitted to the parent community I, the youngest, would be summoned. So, I completely adored ( still do, of course ) my little sister ( coincidentally, with whom I share my birth date too ), my Pishi's ( baba's sister ) daughter. She used to spend majority of her summer vacations as a child at our place, her mamabari ( her mom's paternal home) and we had some real fun playing around. I remember Dadu ( our common grandfather ) being blindly in love with his youngest grand-daughter would usually let her win in a game of carrom, but I wouldn't protest either. It was during those days that my grandmother would show off her best cooking skills and we got to taste the best she had to offer. My sister though had an affinity for something really simple, EGGS. She could have it scrambled, poached, fried, omletted, curried..just about in any form. A boiled egg on her plate, and you could see that absolute delight in her eyes. She was the primary reason my dear Pishi would always include few eggs in the chicken curry to satisfy her daughter's needs. And strangely, that little girl never got bored of it. She is continuing her anda-saga till date. I guess, first love will always be special..

Eggs are versatile. Being highly nutritious and filling, eggs have always been an important part of breakfast menu in several cultures and traditions. They are always present in every Bengali's refrigerator shelves as a backup dinner plan humbly accompanying some ghee - bhaat and aloo - seddho when a date night gets cancelled !! Eating eggs is not considered a sin even among the otherwise vegetarian communities. Being in Delhi for all these years, I have even seen some of my vegetarian friends safely turning into eggetarians, during the winter months, having eggs from that roadside stall to keep themselves warm!! They can even have some occasional cakes (made with eggs ) once in a while, to fulfil their sweet tooth cravings. So, majority of the people relish this inexpensive non - vegetarian item, for the sake of their health ( and rightfully the taste of it ).

Its usually the Saturday mornings when me and my husband plan to cook a heavy brunch together. So, recently while browsing through the internet for some new brunch options my husband came across an easy recipe of Turkish Eggs, I was impressed at the simplicity and the innovative combination of the chilli buttery sauce and garlicy yoghurt with eggs to soothe your soul. Its a perfect morning recipe, since you do not have to put in too much labour and yet those white wonders will make you drool.

This Turkish way of eggs is a little different from the usual breakfast eggs and is suitable for egg lovers over the world. You have to taste this to believe it. The eggs are correctly poached and when that delicate yolk spreads over the buttery - garlicy flavour it has the ability to deliver you out of this world. Give this thing a try, to fall in love with eggs.. again !

Ingredients ( Serves 2 )
  • Eggs - 4 (take them out from the refrigerator just when you are about to poach them )
  • A vessel full of hot water

  • Yoghurt / Indian homemade curd - 1 cup
  • Garlic - 1 big clove, crushed / grated into fine pieces

  • Butter - 2 tablespoon, room temperature ( the more the merrier )
  • Chilli powder - 1 teaspoon
  • Salt
  • Few drops of vinegar
  • Oregano - for garnishing

  • Beat the yoghurt in a bowl along with the crushed garlic and pinchfull of salt. Transfer the beaten yoghurt on the serving plates.

  • Heat up a vessel of water. The water should not be completely boiling, instead just wait for a few bubbles to appear and keep it on low flame. Add in just a few drops of vinegar and a pinch of salt.
  • Take one egg at a time in a bowl and closely drop that egg in the hot water. Watch it drowning at the bottom of the vessel.

  • Sometimes a little of the white floats up. You can just throw those soapy white portions away. Wait for 2 minutes. Now take out the egg carefully not puncturing the yellow part. Drain off the excess water. Repeat the same with all the eggs and put them on the yoghurt containing serving plates directly.

  • Its time to make the sauce. Heat up the butter on low flame till it just melts. Add the chilli powder and mix everything together. Sauce is ready.

  • Drizzle as much sauce on the eggs as you wish. Garnish in with some oregano or any dried herbs you like. Your eggs are ready..

This time we got a little excited and prepared a whole spread for the brunch. Brought in some crispy fried bacon, munchy hash brown potatoes and grilled tomatoes being strongly influenced by the traditional English wholesome breakfast.

Our wholesome brunch spread last weekend 

Our mutual love for London city does find its way on our plates, once in a while. So a combination of London and Turkey is what we had last weekend sitting in our Indian home.. globalisation indeed !!


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