Zoodle Doodle

Being a child, Noodles always seemed so amazingly appetizing. No Indian child can deny their love for Maggi. Thousands of our taste buds were in the sense of being lost when Maggi was banned for a few months. We missed those slippery, smooth, slurpy strips.. soo much. When Maggi made its comeback, we stocked them up in the fear that they would soon go out of stock. Maggi has had our emotions attached with it since long.

     Chowmein, its Chinese sibling has also gained much popularity in this country. A trip to a Chinese joint nearby would include this Indianised - Chinese delicacy once in a while.

    Spaghetti Bolognese - the Italian beauty with all its tomatoes, meat and vegetables, made me fall in love with it as well. I do cook this dish sometimes when we crave for a spicy noodly dinner.

    But somehow all these dishes make me feel guilty every time I look at my waist. Thus, I started my journey in search of a pleasure which would no longer be guilty but yet prove to be tastily healthy.

    Few days back while I was browsing through the internet something really interesting caught my senses. Famously known as Zoodles (  the noodling Zucchini ) it seemed to be a very healthy alternative to sudden hunger attacks. Being of the same family as cucumber, its rich fibre and water content can keep you full for quite a long time feeling completely satisfied with the way it tastes. Zucchini can be prepared in a variety of ways but the Zoodles however reminds me of my Maggi days. You can just use your vegetable peeler to make the thin flat slices, pull on to the vegetable strands and it will give you the perfect Italian pasta look just like the one in the picture below.

Julienned Zoodles

This recipe is a quick preparation which would need less than just 5 minutes on the gas top to prepare, if your zucchini noodles are done. You can always experiment with a spicy bolognese sauce just like the Spaghetti Bolognese of the pricey Italian restaurant which you adore. But, this one here is a quick, lazy version of a weekday night.

Ingredients (serves 1)

1. Zucchini – 250 gms thinly julienned keeping the skin on

2. Garlic - 2-3 cloves, peeled and cut to small pieces.
3. Lemon juice of 1 medium sized lemon
4. Red chilli - 2
5. Cheese (any variety which you have in your fridge) - amount of it depends on your taste.
6. Prawns - (optional) marinated with salt and black pepper.
7. Coriander leaves
8. Oil / butter
Fresh Ingredients


Heat a wok/ kadhai and put in 1 teaspoon of oil.. put in the red chillies.. wait for 10 seconds.
Now toss in the prawns. .fry them for 15 seconds each side on low flame and take them out.
(Just skip the above step if not using prawns)
In the same wok add in 1teaspoon of oil..add the garlic slices..wait for them to brown a bit..add in the lemon juice, cheese and seasonings (salt).
Now goes the Zoodles. Keep on tossing them around for 10 seconds with a tong and immediately take them out.
You will notice some of the juices at the bottom of the wok.. no worries.. just add in some of those fresh coriander leaves to absorb those flavours and pour everything on top of your Zoodles.

Ohh!! That freshness can make you drool..
P.S. Do not peel the zucchini before julienning. The peel gives that extra freshness.


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