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Zoodle Doodle

Being a child , Noodles always seemed so amazingly appetizing. No Indian child can deny their love for Maggi . Thousands of our taste buds were in the sense of being lost when Maggi was banned for a few months. We missed those slippery, smooth, slurpy strips.. soo much. When Maggi made its comeback, we stocked them up in the fear that they would soon go out of stock. Maggi has had our emotions attached with it since long .      Chowmein , its Chinese sibling has also gained much popularity in this country. A trip to a Chinese joint nearby would include this Indianised - Chinese delicacy once in a while.     Spaghetti Bolognese - the Italian beauty with all its tomatoes, meat and vegetables, made me fall in love with it as well. I do cook this dish sometimes when we crave for a spicy noodly dinner.     But somehow all these dishes make me feel guilty every time I look at my waist. Thus, I started my journ

The Dutch Souvenir

Amsterdam at night Colourful tulip market Amsterdam , the city of bicycles , the bright colourful tulips, the hidden church of Our Lord in the attic, the long queues in front of Anne Frank house, the boat rides along the concentric canals making their way through the quirky city, the elegant yet crooked houses outlining the canals, the inquisitively attractive red light district, the museums , the love for anything that is creatively titilating, the sweet smell of Dutch cheese ... everything about this snugly city makes you fall in love with it. Our recent 3 day stay in this cosy place made me wonder how a romantic city can make you go head over heals in love. The lanes The Amsterdam canals However, one of the important highlights of our trip in Amsterdam came on a drizzly cold morning while we got lost strolling through the labyrinth of streets in the trendy Jordaan neighbourhood, when something really  appetizing captivated our attention. The mouthwate

A Gift to Mankind

                 Those long grained , scented saffron coloured piles of rice with hidden gems of a sweet succulent potato, an egg and a piece of meat, that mild flavours of cardamom, cinnamon -  YES!! you guessed it right - its BIRIYANI . Every Kolkatan by heart has an incessant love for the Kolkata style Bi-ri-ya-ni . But for me, its my first childhood crush, my unconditionally loved only heavenly thing on earth.                 There are many theories about how Biriyani came to India. But whoever it was, be it the Persians or the Mughals - I thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing this to us. It takes a long time, effort and worship to get that proper taste by cooking it , but it is worth all of that hardship which goes into the process. When a handful of such elegantly prepared morsel goes into my mouth it feels like... eternal bliss . My whole life I have been obsessed with Biriyani. When I was little , my relatives used to take me to wedding parties if they had Biriya

My winters

Winters. You know I always thought that I was not a very nostalgic person. I thought nostalgia is for those people who never lived at the moment or give their fullest and hence wants to go back to relive those experiences. I thought I will never behave that way. I always enjoy the moments which I love with all my heart or I seriously hate some of them and as a result would never like to go back. But somehow, today while I was taking my daily dose of 2Km walk (a desperate attempt by a typical Bengali person to burn all those nolen gur rosogolla calories ) a whole lot of memories rushed in to my mind by the name of winters and neither of them are related to Delhi , my current address. But surprisingly enough for me, all of them are from my childhood and younger times in Kolkata.              My earliest memory of winters is when my skin dried up, especially of my face and my mother is forcing me to apply mustard oil (majority of the times she would herself take up the task of  force