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Tel - Jhal way of cooking fish !!

Parsher Tel - Jhal Maachher Jhol has been an incessant part of Bengali diet. Yes, we Bengalis eat fish, daily , also on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Seems like our innumerable Hindu Gods and Goddesses have cut us some slack regarding this issue. Its difficult restricting a Bengali from food. For example, you will find numerous sweet shops in every lanes and by-lanes of Kolkata and each one of them would have at least one diabetic Dadu (an elderly ), having the syrupy Roshogollas , hiding away from his daunting family. Actually, food is a great stress reliever. Ask anyone who's on a diet and they would always complain about how life treats them unfairly. But then, people having their mouth stuffed with " Fuchkas " would explain clearly how beautifully rewarding life can be. Those innumerable Telebhaja walas, garages selling out fish chops, fish fries and kabirajis or even the street - style chowmein selling stalls would prove it to you that we, as a commu