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The Oats Alternative

We have known each other for quite some time now. It was fun Ogling at each other as teenagers. Dreams of togetherness controlled us later. We have had our fair share of problems but then again, life, as all of us know, should have it's complications as well.  These husband men all over the world are all the same, I tell you. They wouldn't hesitate to work those extra - long hours to gift you that much awaited Euro trip, but cringe at the faintest sound of getting the groceries. Their strong hands will carry all your heavy suitcases but inevitably drop that yellow, oily gravy on your favourite, pristine white bedsheet. Being funny will be his forte when you're upset but sense of humour will be afar if you ask for the remote to watch the comedy series when the game is on. Well, all of us have our own brightness and dark so I guess, " you can run, you can hide but you can't escape each other". Me and this individual from whom I can't

The Bitter Truth

There are clearly two categories of people. First, those who somehow manages to adore bitter gourd ( karela ) and second, those who try to escape the extreme bitterness of this ugly looking green vegetable. I am happily in the second category, partly in denial of the first. When something has bitter in its name itself, how can you make it a part of a child's daily diet? The answer lies in the will of every Indian mother. When all efforts fail, the only way available is " by force ". That is what has been done in every Bengali household since ages. Starting your lunch with some crispy fried neem leaves or some Ucche ( Karela / Bitter gourd ) bhaja ( fried ) as an appetizer is a common affair. Loaded with nutrients, this bitter vegetable had never been able to win my heart. But as " karwa sach " (the bitter truth ) as it is, one should eat to live and not live to eat, adding this vegetable in your diet is compulsory. Rich in antiox