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A Significant element of a meal - Greens

An acquired taste - Shaak - bhaja Majority of us Bengalis have grown up having a multi - course meal starting with korola bhaja ( fried bitter gourd) or neem pata bhaja ( crisp fried neem leaves and not curry leaves), along with a portion of Shaak - bhaja (stir fried green leafy veggies) gradually moving on to the main dishes comprising of bhaat (rice), daal (lentil soup), some vegetarian dishes like chocchori ( a Bengali version of mix - veg) and a non - vegetarian preparation, may be a fish / chicken / mutton curry . Finally to finish it all off, we would have something sweet like mishit doi / rosogolla / payesh / sandesh or some simple tomato chutney !! Among all these did anyone notice the change of flavours where all your taste buds are ignited gradually ..starting with bitterness of korola (may be the bitterness clears your palette and increases your hunger), slowly proceeding to the spicy main dishes and then sealing the deal off with sweetness ? Believe me,

Bangalir begun from Brick - Lane

             London .. the city of the Queen and the Buckingham Palace, the Royal guards and the red buses, the telephone booth and the red post boxes is bound to mesmerise anyone. This city, will give you that elegant old world feel the moment you step onto the typical British architecture - laden streets, but is at the same time exquisitely maintained and modern. Continuously reminding me of  Kolkata ( which was the home of the British not so long ago), London made me miss home . The Dalhousie office buildings, the Grand Hotel, the Metro and New Empire theatre buildings, the uncanny similarities between the different covered markets of London and our very own New Market, the Thames and the Hooghly of our beloved seemed to me that those East India Company people had already made a pretty decent job of making Kolkata a mini - London. And talking about food. Oh - My- God !!! You can literally get a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g to eat. Fish and chips (what London is famous for) is ju