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Dieta Italiana

                                 Every time I look at some of the famous Italian women like Sophia Lauren , Isabella Rossalini or Monica Belluci , I can't help but wonder how did these people manage to be so beautifully fit and gorgeously maintained when pasta is the staple diet of every Italian household. I know I am being completely na├»ve and you have to exercise to remain fit, but doesn't it cross the mind of every torpid food crazy individual, " why do everything which tastes good makes us fat? "                Pasta is one such guilty pleasure. Packed with complex carbohydrates, it takes quite a bit of time for your body to break them down into simple sugars. But we just cannot keep our hands off them.. Isn't it?? So, I found a path to tackle this delight an easy way. Have pasta as a part of brunch or lunch so that you give your body enough time to utilise all those carbs to your advantage. Because carbohydrates give us energy and hence supply you

Unity in Diversity

                   The traditional and cultural differences among the North and South Indian people has been going on since time immemorial. The North Indian stereotyping their other counterpart to be a highly religious , rice eating Madrasi community having a typical accent while the South Indians blaming their fellow countrymen to be spoiled brats busy showing off their wealth is quite a normal phenomenon for us. But one thing which unites us all are the varied options of Indian food. Idli-dosa and sambar-chawal of the Southern people have gained much popularity in the North while the butter chicken and naan from the North has been happily accepted by the people in the South.       Dahi - Vada is one such chaat preparation which is highly popular among both North and South Indians. My fondest memory of Doi - Bora (as we Bengalis call them) is of the street side vendor offering this delight in front of Sreeram Arcade at Esplanade, Kolkata. Shopping in this