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Rice Pleasures of Life

                           In contrast to the long grained Basmati rice which India is worldwide famous for, Govindobhog variety of rice with its rich buttery flavour makes all Bengalis want to go back into their childhood. The sweet smell of this small grained rice makes us dribble at the thought of khichuri , fena bhaat (porridge), holud pulao and payesh ( sort-of rice pudding) among some of its preparations. Most of us who stay outside Kolkata usually complain about the available quality of this nostalgic rice variety lacking its characteristic aroma because, you know, flavour is a combination of smell and taste. Fortunately I laid my hands on some good quality Govindobhog chal  few days back from Chittaranjan Park market (famous in Delhi for the fish market and spices Bengalis are known for). This gave me the idea of preparing the patent vegetarian lunch ( at-home lunch seems to be a luxury sometimes) for me and my work from home husband on the occasion of Saraswat

The Easy Pleasy Prawns

              Being a Bengali kid, eating fish all by yourself seemed to be a tiring matter with all the time consuming efforts which goes into the deboning process (remember I was still learning this art), the fear of a tiny bone getting stuck unto your throat. At that point of life, PRAWNS came up to my rescue. I remember, when little, my brother and me, we used to fight over prawns so badly. Maa would distribute them equally between us but I ( not satisfied with the distribution ) would continuously eye the ones on his plate (being the first borne, naturally more beloved would get at least one bigger piece). He used to however lick them in front of me, look at me with cold eyes, keep them on his plate and save them for the end. Of course there is no way I am going to touch them again. MEAN .               You will rarely find any Bengali who does not like eating prawns(although an Arthropod, but still considered as a fish by all Bengalis). Prawns very popular worldwide as a sea

Those Splurgy New Year's

That Yumm View from the top What are Bengalis majorly known for? Durga pujo, the intellectual bhodroloks or the Bangla bandhs ? I know what you are thinking. Our popular MAACHER JHOL . Isn't it? Yes, its true that fish is a part of our staple diet, but as a child, Sunday lunches used to remain incomplete without maer hate radha Mangsher jhol - bhaat ( mutton stew with rice ). It goes without saying that all Kolkatans must have tried and tasted " Gol barir " kosha mangsho at least once, from that small eatery near Shyambazar five point crossing. Its a dish which is seriously not for the faint hearted ( literally speaking.. with the amount of oil which goes into this dish). That thick gravy which floats around the juicy , succulent mutton pieces can make you go oohh la la !!..           A ll of us have tried to imitate this dish at home with loads of ingredients, but the secret to this recipe is the minimalistic approach. Mutton has a characteristic flav